Jumbo Bag

Our company manufactures Polypropylene jumbo bags, PP container bags, big bags, FIBC bags, Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, sling bags for industrial uses.

bulk bag supplier jumbo sack

The factory has been a manufacturer of FIBC bags, jumbo bags, bulk bags for many years. We have professional engineers working on the material fabric weaving, knitting and sewing. The bulk bags are used mainly by chemical/starch/sugar manufacturers and sometimes the FIBC bags can be used to load minerals cores etc. Due to the flexibility and the strength the Polypropylene (PP) made bags is a major kind of sacks for industrial uses.

Jumbo Bag Design

There are different kinds of design for the woven bag. The differences are mainly in the lifting, the inlets and the outlets.
jumbo fibc bulk bags design manufacturer

Our jumbo bags have been exported to many countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, UAE, Spain, USA, Canada, Germany, France, etc.