Plastic T-Shirt Bag Manufacturers – Shopping Bag, Singlet Bag, Vest Carrier Bag

Polyethylene is widely use for making plastic shopping bags and food packaging bags. The main kind of PE used in the packaging industry is HDPE and LDPE. Our company is a manufacturer of biodegradable bag in China. Its main product is plastic t-shirt bags, flat bag on roll, food bags on roll, garbage bags, and so on. The bags can be made with customized size and color, with different imprint and packaging solutions.

plastic bags china

Packaging industry is more competitve than past years. The PE is a type of versatile material suitable for food packaging and retail packaging. It is a main product in household and shopping.

Plastic Bag Manufacturer

The HDPE bags has better tensile strength than the LDPE bags, which has better flexibility. HDPE bags are more puncture resistant so the thin bags are mostly made with HDPE. Our factory has been exporting bags for a long time. Our main market is Europe, USA, Africa, Latin America and Australia. If you need any plastic bags look no further and contact us.