PP Woven Bag, Grain Bag, Ice Bag, Sand Band

The pp woven bag is a plastic bag manufactured with the resin PP. It is a very common used packaging for many material. The PP is a chemical derived from petroleum. If you look around, there are so many packaging bags are this type of bag.

PP Woven Bag for Grains (Maize, Rice, Soybean)

Why woven pp bags are used for packaging of grains? It is cheap, durable, waterproof and easy to obtain. Not only this, they can be reused by the farmers for many other purposes such as fertizliers, etc.

PP Woven Bag for Ice Block

The seafood market consumes a lot of ice every day. The woven pp bag provides a cheap way to contain the ice blocks. Ice blocks keep the seafood fresh for many hours.  Fishmen needs to buy huge amounts of ice to keep the fish fresh.  There are professional ice seller providing ice to the wharf. 


polypropylene bag pp woven bag

Sand Bag

Woven pp bag is ideal for sand bag which is often used in flood. High denier fabric is water proof with sand filled. There is an advantange compared to PE bag. The pp woven bag is anti-stretch. It won’t change shape under high pressure or stretch.

Our company is a manufacturer of pp woven bags. Our factory in China can produce very high quality and low priced polypropylene bags. The plastic packaging industry is booming in China. Due to the economy recessions in 2019, the oil price has dropped a lot.  This makes the bag price very cheap.