Paper Laminated PP Woven Bag

Kraft Paper Laminated PP Woven Bag, also known as three-in-one composite paper bag or laminated paper bag, is made of pp and kraft paper. Usually, the plastic layer is pp woven fabric and the paper layer is refined kraft paper. The production process of laminated paper bags is to laminate the pp woven fabric and kraft paper together by extrusion adhesive material (PP+LDPE), then processed as bag by printing, gusseting, cutting and sewing.

Applications & Uses

Paper laminated pp bags has been one of the most common package materials. Manufacturers use it to pack plastic resins, chemicals, cement, feed, fertilizer, industrial packaging, food and so on.

Our Advantage on PP Laminated Kraft Bag

Our company is one of the few companies owning kraft PP lamination machine. With our advanced production line, we can produce kraft pp rolls, kraft pp single layer sheets and kraft polyprolylene composite bag.

The kraft pp bag combines the advantages of pp woven bag and kraft bag. Thus the composite bag is water-proof, durable with great appearances. It is great for food and chemical packaging which requires a moisture free environment.